Find the TRUE Value of Your Decatur, IL Home

Thinking of selling your home in Decatur, IL? If you want to sell your home faster and for more money, you’ve got to start by listing it at the right price! Not sure what that is? We’ll tell you!

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How We Calculate Your Home Value

1. Tell Us More

It just takes a minute or two to give us a few details on your home and its upgrades or renovations.

2. We’ll Do the Research

We’re the Decatur experts, so we know how those upgrades will affect your home in the changing market.

3. You Get Your Answer

It’s that easy! All it takes is an address and a few minutes of your time to find out crucial information!

What’s the Benefit of a True Home Valuation?

There are two main benefits, actually—your time and your money. And the price at which you choose to list your home can dramatically affect them both.

Listing Too High

Sellers wanting to protect their financial investment will often price too high—which just means their home is unappealing to buyers and sits on the market, unseen and forgotten.

Listing Too Low

Sellers looking for a quick sale might think to set their selling price low enough to be more appealing, but how think of how much money you’re losing out on!

Won’t An Automated Estimator Work?

Not with the accuracy and precision of a practiced and experienced Realtor! An automatic estimator might be a great way to get a ballpark idea of your home’s value, but if you’re serious about making money on your home sale, then it’s time to trust an agent.

Here’s why.

Because true home value reflects more than just what homes in the area like yours are selling for. True home value will take into account all the time, work, and money you’ve put into taking care of and improving your home over the years.

The Solution? Ask Glenda Williamson Realty!

How do you make money and sell your home quickly at the same time? You strike the perfect balance between high and low. In other words, you find the RIGHT price! So don’t hesitate! Get started today by contacting Glenda Williamson Realty to request your home analysis.

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